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Swains Reef

nick 10

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hey just got back from a weeks fishing at swains reef.the weather was not the best had 20kt winds blowing all week.ended up getting blown away by some very big gt's.here are some pics.


richo's big spangled emperor



qld groper coming up to have a feed


richo's big coral trout


getting smoked by a big gt


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It sure sounds like you enjoyed your time spent up North at swaines nic

Richo looks like he come through with a couple of nice fish

he can run pretty fast in the rod grabbing stakes... aye

wouldn't mind knowning in what was said in getting the reaction shown in the last pic

especially from your dad.

Wait on......... maybe it's best what happens on tour stay's on tour..

Glad you had a ball....

Cheers Warnie..

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Nice fish, well done.

I was up there this time exactly last year... I know that cause some of my mates are on the same charter right now... couldnt make it this year cause of work.

Look out next year but.

I loved Swains and thought it was just a fantastic experience having the freedom to explore the reefs on dories.

People knock it and reckon its overfished but not everyone got to fish those places when 'all the trout were 20 kilos' so enjoy it what its for.

I'll be back next year with dreams of another big emperor.

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