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Kings On Plastics ;)


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Headed out on Saturday morning with skunga for a lazy day of fishing. Took out a mate of skungas who is only just getting into fishing so the plan was to hopefully put him onto a king or two.

Hit the water at drummoyne at 7am with the high at 7:45. Stopped off at some markers on the way out to flick some plastics for no luck at all.

Got to Clarke island about 8ish and dropped the pick and threw out some burley in the hope of some yakkas or slimeys ... within the hour we had over half a dozen yakkas and a good deal of fun for our new fisho so we then decied to head a few kms offshore and try some marks with the yakkas.

All we proceeded in doing was finding the pesky leatheries so after an hour or so we decided to head back inside trolling some skirts .. no luck there either.

Anchored up at 1 or two other spots for nothing of interest and with it getting towards midday we decied to start heading back in.

Whilst we had stopped off at a marker for a flick skunga notices a small patch of birds workin the surface .. so we shoot on over only to have the school disappear just before we get there .. not to matter though ... within a few casts i hooked onto a nice hood which just fell short of the 70cm mark (pic attached).

Was caught on my new outfit (Daiwa advatage 1 piece 8-14lbs rod, Daiwa Advantage 4000 reel loaded with 30lb FINS PRT in green and topped with 40lb black magik leader) which handled it like a dream ... so i was stoked :yahoo:

oh yea and not long after skunga also hooked onto a hood which was landed at about 73cm, he tried to hand it over to his mate to have a play with, but good on him, he wouldnt have a bar of it as he wants to hook one on his own.

All in all another great days fishing



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