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Off Terrigal Today

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hit the water this morning around 9-00 with high hopes .

tried drifting in close with no luck at all . headed north to Spoon Bay with the same result , not a thing .

a few other boats were out as well with most of them heading east to the deeper water . off we went as well to around the 50m mark .

again , not a touch .

finished up off Avoca then made our way slowly back to Terrigal on the drift close in .

nearly 3 hours of fishing produced not one bite , not a nibble a big fat zilch !!

anyway , a great morning to be had on such a beautiful day .

mostly we catch at least a half dozen good sized flatties etc , but with the water temp just on 16 a few weeks wait should see an improvement .

regards and better luck than we had to all .

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g'day Ray R

no - didn't see any schools of salmon .

not much in the way of bird activity at all except for this massive sea bird of some kind that plowed into the water about 10 feet behind the boat and scared the living shyt out of two grown men !!

a quiet day fish wise , but very pleasant otherwise .

regards and cheers


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