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Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke


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On the new boat got a 115Hp Yamaha 4stroke (its a TABS 545 Ocean Series)

the dealer only sold Yamaha's and I didn't mind because he gave me a great deal

and I don't really know enough about the different kinds of performance outboards offered.

It's too late for me to change but I just would like to hear some opinions on how this motor

rates against its competitors eg Suzuki, Honda, Johnson etc


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Hi, nothing wrong with Yamaha outboards. The 115HP 4-Stroke is a solid engine, not the best performing 115HP on the market, but solid-no better or worse than any other 115HP 4-Stroke on the market. Only problem we are starting to see is some corrosion issues, but all brands can suffer from this.

Look after it, get it serviced and oil changed every 50 hours and replace anodes as per the book, both external and more importantly the internal ones and you should get many years of enjoyment out of it.



Edited by Huey @ Huett Marine
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