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Eggbeater Vs Baitcaster


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whats your opinion on each? pro,s and con,s? i just got a gloomis gl3 rod with a penn jack erskine signature baitcaster reel super cheap off a good mate and im guna learn to use it (no matter how long it takes) ive never used a baitcaster b4 , only eggbeaters, but it just looks like such a damn gr8 setup that ill b taken it everytime i go! whats your thoughts boys??? :beersmile:

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Hey Diver1, the threadline is easier to use and really good for light and heavier weighted lures, plastics etc. The baitcaster will need a bit of practise, I used a Shimano TSM3 for sinning off the rocks, I taught myself how to use it efficiently down at the oval at Avoca using 50 gram spinners with no treble attached, got a few birds nests but worked it out with practise, thumbing , spool pressure and technique, I also used a small Shimano ULS 2000, I used this for lighter spinning it has a magnetic brake which helps with line over run.

Find yourself an open area or a park (with no people around) you will find it a lot different when you start usually with your first casts landing only 10 feet away..

Anyway have fun trying and learning... Cheers....

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