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Which Auxiliary Motor?


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Not so much a question of brand, but of the power you'd recommend. With my move to the Gold Coast I'll be doing more fishing a little way offshore (not too far in my relatively small boat).

I've got a 4.8 Quintrex Freedom Sport and was thinking a 10hp motor would do for an aux. I've never had one on a boat before though so what would you recommend? (obviously want minimum weight and cost but big enough to get me back in from maybe 5nm outside in the case of a motor failure).

Cheers, Slinky

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VMR and seatow is very active . Join up and just maintain your own main motor very well , along with 2 radios and 2nd battery, temp alarm on motor , spare prop , sea anchor and a spare propper anchor and tackle. Rarely will you be very far from another boater if something goes tits up. alll theose bloody retireees have nothing better to do than fish I think.

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Hi Slinky, if you decide you want an auxlillary for your hull then the only real option would be 9.9HP/15HP in my opinion. All brands offer these HP and they are the same so weight is same between the two (of course there is a few exceptions to every rule).

I think the next size down being 8HP would be OK in ideal conditions, but when you have a problem it usually occurs when things are not so nice, so just get yourself a 9.9HP or better yet a 15HP. There are plenty of good second hand ones around or to go new is not that expensive nowdays to buy a carby 15HP.

Cheers and enjoy your new surrounds.


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