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Barra Dam Fishing


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Hi Raiders

After watching a few fishing shows of late on Fox and seeing all those cracker barra being landed, I had to get up there. A unexpected call from a bream comp buddy who just booked a trip and was after another starter to cut the costs a little, it was an immediate "I'm in" before he even finished the question.....

Just booked myself into a Barra Charter up on the Barra dams for 3 days guided fishing.

Anyone been up there before?

Is it worth taking my own gear or the gear good enough?

What sorta line class in a spin and baitcaster do you recommend?



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I would think the guides would have pretty good gear especially if you are fishing with Jason

What I use when up at Awoonga is a 10kg spin outfit with 10kg braid and 24kg leader It does me for everything in the dam but then for some reason I only seem to get the 60-80cm barra yet to get a metery

Need to get up there a bit more often and tow my own boat instead of relying on a mates

When are you going?

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Great time of the year to be up there Should be stable weather and not the dreaded southeasters

You might not be able to fish to well you will to busy laughing at Mick :074: Moreso if hes telling stories about Jorg :1yikes::biggrin2:

Just a side note My biggest barra at just over a meter came from under the highway bridge over the Boyne river at Benaraby on a 6in nilsmaster You will be crossing over that bridge at some stage

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