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Rod For Alvey Deep Sea Boat Fishing Reel


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Looking to get an Alvey 820BCV boat reel for deep bottom fishing offshore (60 - 80 fathoms). I like their large line capacity and ease of winching up heavy weights from deep drops (tired of pumping and winding with the overhead!). The only issue is trying to find a rod to suit with the runners in the correct location on the rod. I know Alvey have rods to suit but they look heavy being one piece solid glass. Would like something around the 6'6" but with 15-24kg composite glass graphite blank (something light but also robust). The lack of rods to suit this set up is frustrating. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looks like custom made may be the only way to go?post-7831-1221139726_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for your ideas guys. Main concern is the rod having the low mount and the runner spacing to suit. Otherwise it wont load up correctly. Will look into the jig rods (was thinking of the silstars)and the penns. Greg, do you know what model Penns would be suitable?

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