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Ben Chifley Dam


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Well it started off as a great days , good weather and a heap of fisho's to enjoy the day. I met with another fishraider and got some tips and headed out .

This is the ramp

Playground for the kids.


Cabin's for hire

Council has done alot of work out here with a new upgrade of the road and all new amenties

we had a great day but only landed 2 redfin of the very small size. There was a few 1/2 kilo fish caught.

On the whole it was a great day. It was organised well with food and drinks out there on the day as well as a member of NSW fisheries with handouts and other information . The Dam has been stocked with Cod,Yellow Belly but on the day it was only redfin :beersmile:

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Gee that looks like a great setup mate! I wouldn't be complaining about a lack of yellas, especially if you have the chance of getting a feed of reddies. :thumbup:



yes all in all was a great day and, due to the redfin being a pest there are no size limits , so they all count... I just found out that I won the prize for the first fish caught by a adult class..prizes were worth over $100 so Im rapted and cant wait till next year..

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