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Everythings Bigger In The U.s Of A!


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yanks like every damn thing bigger!

a yank and an aussie are heading out of the city together...

and the yank says whats that!

thats the famous sydney harbour bridge..says the aussie!

thats nothing says the yank..back home we have the golden gate bridge!...huge!...

yeah fair enough..says the aussie!

they get to the mountains and the yank says, whats thats!

thats the famous gorges of the blue mountains says the aussie!

thats nothing says the yank...back home we have the grand canyon!..huge!..

yeah fair enough..says the aussie!

into the bush they get and the yank says WHAT IS THAT! as a kangaroo bounds thru the scrub..

whats the matter havn't you got GRASSHOPPERS ..........BACK HOME!....... :1prop::tease::tease::1prop:



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