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Kings Galore

Kiwi Dan

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if were lucky enough to have enough left in the petrol tank after the last couple of bruising battles(freddie is trippin the way he has them goin kamakazi style) and if we dispatch the warriors then we may have to have something on the side eh Dan... go you mighty chookies.. we still have a little paybacks to do :tease: ..

isnt it amazing that up there the size and numbers of kings is soooooo different to syd but not really that far in the grand scale of things, thats why s..... is booked well in advance eh....

maybe you should of left the last one hooked and done a scenic route via MH let the king and enterage loose and then headed back to terrigal (just in case they didn't know the way to syd) :074:

see you out an about ...


Will have a little side wager for sure mate, ill let you concentrate on Friday night first though!!

It was amazing how many boats were out there at this spot, there were at least 12 boats all drifting and jigging the same boat and everyone was catching. People were literally pusing each others boats off one another, it was a carpark!!

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