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Why Is It So?


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Starting to kit out the new boat and wanted to get a couple of downriggers plus a big electric motor.

Rang locally, the electric they usually don't bring into the country as they didn't think there would be a market for 100lb motors, and then the price.......

Rang a mate in the industry for the downriggers, at his price we were looking at $2500 for 1 brand and $3500 for another and that's EACH!

A quick look on the net as I was in total shock at the prices and then sat in even more shock!!

For 2 downriggers and the electric I can fly to the states business class, buy my stuff and fly back for less!

That's a JOKE!

10 days time I'll have them which is 2 months faster than getting the agents here to order them for me then I also saved $6000!!! YES $6000!!!


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