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Humminbird Fishfinder


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Fellow fisho's

Just purchased a Humminbird 787C2 Fishfinder/GPS. With a certain degree of ability to read the instructions and fit the transducer to the transom, on the first water test I had a rooster tail spraying up and some of it into the boat (Hinton 5.2 half cab).

Speaking with a Tech from BLA in Brisbane he advised the transducer should be in the water to the seam line at the plane.

Drilled two more holes in repositioning and with the water test still the same rooster tail. Before I drill two more holes I thought of asking has anyone had a similar problem?

The sounder works at speed.

The bracket, that is the break away, has a window aiming up which is the rooster tail shooter. I wonder if going higher again is going to work?

Any advice is appreciated.



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Katana, don't drill any more holes. Buy yourself an adjustable transducer bracket from Whit/Bias, about $50 and worth their weight in gold. With that, you can make all the adjustments you need while on the water.

Hopefully that will eliminate your problem.

Cheers, russ.

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