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Lugarno 17/09


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Hello all,

Decided last night to have a shot at some jewies at either taren point bridge or tom uglys but after some discussion with Byron (jewgaffer) he let me know why that wouldnt be my best bet and to try lugarno would be a better option..

He also recommended where to fish and how to fish the location plus plenty more other useful information such as baits, tides, jewfish habits, migration etc etc

Although there have been not been many jewfish caught and the water temperature is low we gave it a shot anyway..

We scattered our baits and waited for the top of the tide untill into the low with no success about 4hours fishing.. the only bait that got touched was the pilchard and that was just from pickers..

While we waited we fished with some nippers that we pumped at tom uglys (hard work compared to mainbar) could only produce small bream..

Another fisho there pulled 3 very large whiting... huge on bloodworms..

Thanks Byron for the advice, hopefully when the jew migrate back ill hopefully get onto my first jew..



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