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Harbour 21/9


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Fishing wise it was a terrible day for us, did well last week while the kings and tailor were active in the lower harbour and was expecting today to be similar......so much for that.

Over looking for some surface action past the bridge and nothing was there, did have a couple of dolphins swim next to the boat as we passed under the bridge which was pretty cool but trolled around for 45min for not even a touch.

Next went to north head and troll down past quarantine, got in a monumental tangle with 2 of the 3 rods out trolling and consequently lost a lot of line, whilst attempting to untangle this though the third rod gets absolutely hammered and drag is screaming off and their is some serious weight there, it was only 20foot deep which made me thought perhaps we've caught the bottom but the boat was stopped and drag was screaming off and something was shaking its head on the other end.

We got reefed due to the shallower bottom and lost this fish which was a huge disappointment as it was BIG.

Next went into north harbour to try for some squid and couldn't find any, then went to my favourite spot and got a great big squid first cast but nothing after that.

Over to clarke island and the sounder looked promising but nothing was to be had, 2 big baits out one with ratchet set so any serious touches would've been known about. We were more or less watching the rods the whole time and didn't see either one move yet we bring them up half an hour later with nothing on the hooks.

Does anyone know how the bait just disappears without any movement shown on the rods???

Just to make matters worse were pulling up the anchor and it comes up with nothing on the end :ranting2:

Got bored after this and decided to drive around through a lot of wake at the entrance to middle harbour then went home....


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