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Botany Bay Spring Lizards


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Hello fellow lure tossers,

I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to get out on the Bay for a chance at those early spring lizards. Left home at 5am and the first lure hit the water at 6.10. Started with the ever faithful 80mm Sqidgy fish in Black Gold. Tried one drop off without success. Moved on and managed a nice slow drift along one of my favourite drop offs with the tide just beginning to trickle in. Broke the duck with a 43 cm model. A second drift proved fruitless so moved on to a another regular producer close to some extensive weedbeds. Next fish was a 52 cm model on a 4" gold and black Ausspin shad. Changed to a 4" atomic Prong in Carolina Pumpkin Holo and landed a 48cm fish which engulfed the entire lure and jighead. No more action around there so moved down around Towra Pt. Changed lure to a 4" Gulp minnow in Lime Tiger. A 41 cm fish was the result. Things were pretty slow though so went back to location three. A different lure (3" Atomic Prong in Pumpkin Red) accounted for another 45 cm model. By now (9.45) the tide was flowing in quite strongly. Changed lures again to a Squidgy Lobby in Lava colour. Four more fish came in over the next 30 minutes on this one (47, 45, 42,39). Had promised to be home by about 12pm so left them biting and headed for home.

A fantastic first spring session. The weather was excellent and the fish co-operative, especially when the tide began to flow a little faster. Caught the first six fish on six different lures using the same jighead- four of these I was trying for the first time! Seems to indicate that the lizards will eat just about anything if they are hungry. Three of the fish were hooked after tentative hits were missed and the lure tossed straight back out to the same area. If you miss a hit, get that lure staight back out there!!

No photos as I was alone and find it difficult to get worthwhile shots in that situation.



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