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Middle Harbour


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Hey guys

im heading out to middle harbour later this week and hoping to get stuck into some kingies. Do u recon its a good idea buying some fresh squid from local sea food store, if i cant get any on sight? or are they useless once dead and frozen etc? Also i got some squidgy shads from my brother, what sort of retreival should i be looking at etc?

thankx guys

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Hi mate,

Yeah MH is worth a go for kingies but you will have to go looking for them.

They are there but a sounder is required to locate them as sitting at a spot waiting for them to come thru at this time of year is a long shot.

I have had no luck with them so far on sub standard squid. Later in the season usually pick them up even with frozen squid. Try and jig some fresh squid up in the morning around the Spit bridge.

Best results lately by others have been with downriggers and live squid.

I had a kingie hit a pinkie i was bringing up the other day. Soft plastics worth a go if you can find them.

Good luck and i hope you get amongst em!!!!!!!!


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