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A World Without Servo Bait


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Hi Raiders,

it's been a while since I last posted. Sat out (or rather indoors) the winter - apart from a couple of absolutely freezing nights attempting the hairtail (see below) even when we thought we were appropriately attired! It was the only chrome seen for the whole winter. And despite the amount of effort put in, I wasn't bothered to post the result until now.


Anyway, with the wamer conditions late last week, decided to try out a new rock spot I'd seen guys fish before but had never tried myself. It looked like a prime luderick spot amongst other species.

Well, on route, I was able to resist the the temptation of buying a bag of servo prawns or pillies as back up (especially as I was prospecting a new spot) just in case my plans fell to pieces. I often actually carry alternate baits (even if primarily going for luderick). It was quite an effort to resist! My targets were luderick and whatever was going to take bread - (with a secret hope of landing my first pig!).

With a falling tide and a less than 1m swell, I landed a PB luderick (39cm) and another on fresh cabbage as well as the trevor on bread. Also got 2 undersized trevs on bread and a large yellowtail. A nice little haul and I never casted more than 3 metres from the rocks! Wash fishing is a technique i had never really paid that much attention to but after trying and achieving modest success (my first haul for the table in months) I'm hooked. I can see how it can turn a dry metals/livies session off the rocks into something so much more. What added to the excitement was 'finding' a new spot.


Now, back to my designs for hooking my first pig. . .

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Hi Klainz,

Well done -- an excellent report.

There's a lot of important lessons for new or less successful fishos in what you wrote.

I'm a member of the older generation, but I can still recall when I used to spin and bottom fish the rock a lot in the 70s. Amazing the number of times when blackfish and pigs, caught on cabbage from the rock pools, or bream, taken on fresh caught crabs fished on light tackle in the washes, saved what would have been a fish-less outing.

Good luck with that first pig.



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