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Hey all

Just a quick gday. Found this site today whilst doing some research for this years coming season. I'm 23, been a mad fisho for 10 years now. Dad used to own a 18 foot fatex, as of late last year he owns half a 32 foot carribean. It's a seriously different way to fish! We are normally quiet through winter, maybe do some bottom bashing at the peak or the plonkhole. We usually try to fish Port Stephens every year, we would tow the 18' up and stay a week. We've caught a few fish and have heaps of great memories, including my first marlin at 13, a small 40kg Stripey.

We used to live in Newcastle, and moved to Sydney a few years back. So while we have learnt a bit about bottom bashing spots suitable for our old boat, we haven't got a billfish here yet, or gone out wide to places like browns or the canyons as it was a bit far for the old boat.

This looks like a fantastic site, I've already learnt a lot more about game fishing off of Sydney, and I can't wait to put in a report or two once the water starts warming up. Cheers!

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