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Tooona Anyone?


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Bit quiet here so I thought I'd send a post & see if anyone has tried to go out to have a sticky beak around Brownes & tried to pull a few tuna or should I say try & find some tuna.

Would be great to know if someone hasn't caught but had tried at least.


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We got a nice one around Browns on Thursday........went around 35kg's. Actually had a double hook-up but the first fish cleaned up the second line.

We cubed for about 40mins when the fish hit. :thumbup:

I will post photos when my mate emails em' to me.



We were out on thursday also, the water looked really good actaully.

What time did you catch and what boat were you on, we were dropping for blue eye and gemfish.

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Had a go at the tuna on Sunday.After braveing the "westerly blow" on the way out,we trolled most of the way

to Browns Mountain for just a single Stripe Tuna,water temp at 18 degrees. The wind dropped off to about 5kts at about 11am.

After a 'committee meeting',we tracked south at approx 250 fathoms looking for a temp break which we

found at approx 10 klms south of Browns. Set up a cube trail in 20.2 degree water.One hour into it a couple

of Yellowfin are spotted in the trail!!! Excellent....One missed hookup :ranting2: The fish seemed very wary, tried every trick I knew,could'nt get another run!!!

We did manage one Albacore about 6kgs.Then the 'late' arriveing southerly hit us around 2pm!!. So with 30 plus knots from the south shutting everything down, we pulled the pin.

The tuna are there....hopefully just a matter of time until we hear of some more reports.


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Damn...I'm not getting messages for replies on this subject & here's me thinking that no-one has replied.

That's great news.

I had a feeling that there would be one last spirt before the end of the season.

Have you guys been following the tide or were they at unobvious strike times?

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Always good to fish around a tide change. Most gamefisho's will tell you they get alot of hook ups/ strikes

around a tide change. Then combine that with a temp break,sounding bait schools,current lines,working birds

or even a single bird!!! And many other "variables" even down to the right music!!!!!

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dont be fooled into thinking the season is over because the season is only just begining. despite poor weather the water has also been too cold for fin.

current reports of 20 degrees of water is good, just hope the current stays for a few weeks so we can get out a couple of times. this time last year we hooked yellowfin and dolphin fish is the same session in 20 degrees of water.

hope to see you all out there ill be heading out on saturday, so far the forecast is good but never know.


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Yeah I've been hearing the same thing. I wwas stupid enough to be convinced that it was going to be nicish day on Saturday. Didn't mind the rain & even 10 knots is perfectly acceptable. Got out there & it was caining a good 20knots & gusts even higher directly from the south & rain hammering down. At one stage my bilge pump was easily pumping a steady flow of rainwater. Waves were just uncomfortable with peaks 3 or 4 seconds apart. Even Botany bay was churning. Needless to say that we didn't go outside. Saw a few bigger boats go out & soon after coming back. Even the Dolphins were hanging out at the heads.

Saw that warm current nicely shaping the Sydny coast. Would love it to come in a little closer.

Yeah heard the same thing about the Tuna being caught by a few. Even though they are smaller...for a good feed you just can't beat those little lollies.

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