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Advice Needed: 5m Savage Electra

tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

I am thinking of buying a 5m Savage Electra with 85hp Johnson Powershift II 1973 and wanted to know if any raiders know of this boat/hull or the motor and if there is any advice that can be given?

post-6058-1222312590_thumb.jpg post-6058-1222312675_thumb.jpg

Also can anyone recommend anyone in western sydney who can repaint it?

Thanks alot for any help!


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Real Nice Boat But How Much Is He Asking For It ???? Also You Might Want To Get That Motor Checked Out, Notting Worst Then Buying A New Boat only To Find Out The Motor Is Gonna Play Up !! Also Make Sure The Transom Is Not Soft , :thumbup:

Good Luck

Gday Cut Loose - thanks for the reply.

The motor has just been serviced, however I will be having the motor checked by a reputable boat dealer and valued site sponsor- Huey!

Will be checking for transom rot - the bloke says there are 2 soft spots on the floor - may need replacing.

He is asking $5k

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