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Caught My 1st Fish On A Sp........almost


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Went out on like illawarra today fishing for flattys. After a alittle while I had hooked my 1st ever fish on a SP, got it up to the boat, a nice flatty,about 45cm at a guess, but no landing net ... :ranting2::ranting2::ranting2:

As i had him swimming around the top of the water for a few seconds deciding how I was going to get him in the boat the bloody thing got off. I was devestated, so I still havn't actually "caught" a fish on a SP, gotta keep trying I guess

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oh man i feel your devestation

i also am yet to hook or land a fish on an sp, wouldnt know what it would be like to lose it, especially right next to you

Mate, I can tell you, it's bloody heartwrenching, I've been trying for ages now, I was so stoked winding it in, then that ending, I'm at home drowning my sorrows now.

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Don't worry little noah we all have lost plenty of good flatties.

they tend to wear though the leader with their raspy little teeth.

my suggestion is use at least 10lb leader and keep their heads under the water so they don't thrash around

as the weather warms up you will be catching TOO MANY flatties

trust me



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