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Where In Botany Bay

rob boban

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just wondering if anyone can help with some spots in the bay for kingfish, yakkas and squid. I'm not really familiar with the bay, never really fished in there only ever ploughed straight through on the way to the fads and the shelf. Any info would be appreciated.

Cheers. :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:

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I Have Alwas Found Watts Reef A Good Spot For Live Bait, For Yakkas Just Try Jigging Some Jig Rigs Around Red Poles In The Bay !! And There Are Heeps Of Kingies Around Bare Island,

Good Luck :thumbup:

Edit: Heres A Map, Live Bait Ground Circled In Black, And Red Cirles For Kingies


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In my opinion the kingies wont really show up in good numbers until the water warms up although I have caught most of my kingies around feb through to may with the best spot being molineaux point.

You should also try bare island and yarra bay for squid.

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