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Gday all

Getting a new Shimano Stradic and looking at buying a new rod to go with it. Use mostly for bottom bashing around pittwater and the harbour. Bloke who sold me the reel reckons a shimano raider would be the go. Anybody got other ideas on what other options are available as my knowledge with these things is fairly limited?


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I have got an old raider and it has served me well

the new ones are great value for money

on the stradic i just got a new 3000FI from the US and was initially very dissapointed with the smoothness and excessive free play:thumbdown:

stripped her down and shimmed her up and has since improved, however i would not call it 'smooth'.

my point is i don't know if i got a 'friday arvo special' or they are all like this?

make sure you check her out before you buy



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its a 3000

Something with a 3-6kg rating would be the go. About 7 feet long with a shortish rear grip for flicking pastics would be perfect. Raider seem to miss this type of model... maybe try a Starlo Stix medium or heavy spin.

In my experience (I have two 3000 Stellas - one normal and one HG), the reel will far out perform the lighter rods. I fish 20lb braid off them on 4-8kg custom rods for Kings and Jews. It is more about balancing the outfit.

Let us know what you decide.

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