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Botany Bay Lizards On Saturday


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Gave the golf a miss today and went fishing instead. Didn't leave home until 7 am as wanted the tide to be running . Managed to land 6 lizards and dropped three more close to the boat. The hot lure today was a 3'' Atomic Prong in red pumpkin colour. Interestingly, I hooked three fish with one on a 1/4 oz jighead just left to drift along behind the boat. Two of them escaped at boatside so were not well hooked. Next time I might try a small sinker above a short trace as one would fish baits like poddy mullet. These lures seem to have plenty of action on the water.

Another top morning on the bay.



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Well done on the flatties Arthur. Make sure you bring those plastics down with you next weekend. I have some here in the other color if you want some as well :thumbup:

All reports from here at the moment is that the flatties are playing hard to get. However, water temp is rising quickly, and who knows what difference a week makes? I will keep my ear to the ground see if I can't track down some likely water before you arrive.

Will meet you at the boatshed as planned on Saturday .... fingers crossed :thumbup: Lookforward to meeting you and your family then :thumbup:



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