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Self Installation Furuno585(with Pics)


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Hi all

Just putting up pics of a self installed 1kw transom transducer attached to a 585 Furuno.I sea trialled the 585 last week and it was sensational to >200ft at the Hump off Stanwell. I had to add an extra bit of 'fiberglass'(see pic 2 and 3) to shim the steel bracket owing to the transom of the CruiseCraft Explorer 625 being at 15degree offset to the vertical.This then made the bottom of the transducer in the same plane as the bottom of the hull.In the near future I will experiment and try it it without the extra fiberglass so that the transducer is facing slightly forwards, instead of straight down, to see which is better. Any opinions/comments regarding straight down or slightly forwards for the transducer, anyone?

The transducer to the right of the outboard is a 600w Navman 4500.

Regards Kit





ps thats Max in the third picture.

The 4th picture seems to suggest that the tranny is not level, I can assure the forum that I did use a spirit level to set the tranny correctly, its just that both the camera itself and the the cradle/boat was not level.

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