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Middle Harbour


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Went out yesterday from Manly early and tried too get some squid. The spot was quite windy and choppy and as we are in a V nose punt (385 explorer) gave it a miss and headed into the sandy beaches of middle harbour.

Lucky my fishing partner had brought half a dozen live poddy mullet and we tried for some flatties. About 15 minutes into a slow drift and I had a solid hook up. A big flattie emerges from the depths - there are also two flatties following. The flattie was landed and measured 55cm and the other flatties followed to within 15 feet.

Also picked up some trevally on small poddies whilst drifting close to moored boats. (released) Flatty filleted and cooked in foil wrapped in some curry paste and coconut cream - beautiful. Photo of a poddy mullet


The flattie fillets


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