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Whiting 27/09


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Went 40cm, my second best behind the one i have in the bait fishing records.

It took a green/pearl 3 inch bassminnow on the outoging tide in the port hacking.



First fish for this season, looks rather retarded.

it was pleasing because i got him sight fishing which is also a first.

Was hoping to get into some flathead but i havent been able to get some for some time which is frustrating.

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Well done RPL,

He sure is a strange looking one. Looks like you've been holding him behind the gills with a set of multi grips whilst removing the hook.

Was he a loner?

I caught one this morning on the high in the Georges. He went 37cm and I couldn't get my hand round the back of his noggin. Only caught one other smaller one. Pretty quiet except for all the boat traffic.


Cheers mate, nah i just lifted him straight onto the slipway so it couldn't have been because of that, its strange eh.

Yea he was just on the edge of the drop off, thats how i target flatties, came up with a whiting but.

O they are great eating so you did well, was he caught on bait or lure?

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