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Botany Bay 27th And 28th


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Yesterday we put the boat in at the Hole in the Wall ramp about 2:30.

Our first stop was at the container wall. There was more than 15 boats there so we thought that there has to be fish there. We were wrong, not one bit for about half an hour. :thumbdown:

We ventured to La Parouse to try and pick up some flatties still nothing.

At about 6:00pm we decided to go get dinner so we trolled some lures around Bare Island and past the Container Wall. still nothing. :1badmood:

Arter dinner we driffted between capitan cooks brige and theTom Uglys Brige for nothing. :mad3:

We saw some people anconderd under the Tom Uglys bridge so we thought we might try it as we had caught nothing all day.

Afterr about 5 min we start to see talior jumping everywhere so i start to cast soft plastics at them for about 10mins. With no hits i try out a hard body and after about 3 casts i was fianlly on. first fish of the day. :yahoo:

It was nothing big only about 15cm but at least it was a fish.

For the next 10 mins i caught about 6 baby tailor.

Just as i was casting a lure , Dad was in the cabin looking for another lure when my Mum saw Dad's rod jump and caught it just before it went over the side and statrted to reel it in.

About 5mins later this jew reaches the surface. the jew fish went 52cm and 1.6 kg


We caught another 5 talior then went to find a place nice and quite place to anchor for the night out of the wind.

28.9.08 The Day of the Social

We headed to registration about 6ishand we sign in and grab a snag on a roll and a coffee.

We drifted a couple of times around Dolls Point for nothing. :thumbdown:

We decide to go see if there are any fish at watts reef only to lose a jig head on a snag. Other than that no fish. :thumbdown:

we go back to the Container Wall despites the lack of fish there the day before. After about 30mins we see someone pulling up somthing with a bit of fight so we watch and see. when they fianlly get it to the surface we see that it was only a shovel nose shark. We keep fishing for about 1 hour and my mum get's a Port Jackson shark (no pic it bit through the line)

It was about 12:00pm and the bay was very choppy so we decided to call it a day and we went back to the Fishraider tent and said hi to everyone and then put the boat on the trailer

cheers fisherboy :1fishing1:

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