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Fishraider Social

+ getting to play with Hodgey's 2000 Daiwa TD Sol

+ Go Fish Pete pointing out he has TD Sols in stock

+ only having 3 reels for 4 rods (all the rest is now in storage)

+ Go Fish being within easy reach during my lunch break

+ Pete not having a 2000



Daiwa Luvias 2000.

Why... even though I mostly own Shimano's (just from trust based on experience... not from any belief they are superior)?

Because as Hodgey had said before his TD Sol 'felt' magic and he was right. It's not an objective measure. Both Daiwa and Shimano reels are technically comparable. I love my Stradics (I own 5)... but something about the Sol fitted my hands like a glove... a soft kid-skin glove. It made the Stradic 2500 I fished with yesterday feel like a 'mitten' (before I get into any stupid arguments... I'm NOT saying the Sol is a better reel just that it feels somehow right, tight and light in my hands)

Now if the Stradic is a mitten and the Sol a kid-skin glove... then the Luvias is like a silk glove, or maybe even latex underwear... now there's a disturbing thought!


Hodgey... If I get pinged :wife:

I'm blaming you!

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Mmmmm .... VERY nice Tony :thumbup:

You'll have to let us now how it goes. I agree with your comparison regarding the two reel makers. Both make tremendous equipment, and I also have my share of both. In so far as 'feel' is concerned (in the 2000 size), the Daiwas are 'special'.

Very nice addition to the Malinky Stable :thumbup:


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Just two words...

Tackle Whore

Lucky I purchased the last of the Twin Powers ( Made in Japan ones ). I thought Pete and Sean were joking when hey said you better buy it before Slinky does.

Enjoy that Luvias



I can't deny that I'm a tackle whore... but I certainly seem to see you in Go Fish pretty regularly yourself. It can be pretty hard finding Live Fibre Texaliums in the shop after you're breezed through.

Maybe we need a support group for the addiction?

Hope you get some nice fish with your new Twin Power.

Cheers, Slinky

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