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The Iceman

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Bet you never thought of doing this in your skeeter Greg :1yikes::biggrin2:

Or maybe you did :wacko:


How good would that be!

Closest to that was last year just before New Years Eve when they have the markers in the harbour, zig zagging threw them at 65mph is so much fun!

New boat should be ready within the next 2 weeks, air berth went in yesterday :thumbup:


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The hull types are quite interesting Andrew. You get a good view of the hulls and see how the gulls are angled to bed down solid in the water under weight and also some of the boats have a carribean type roll over at the bow. A few good things to put together and look for in a smaller bream boat ay.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Interesting one of the blokes was running one of the torque shift2 speed props that change pitch. Haven't seen them for ages and then I saw the date being 1999. Good to seebass boats turning corners not just flat out in a straight line.

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Commenting on the different hull shapes.

After owning 3 glass bass boats in 3 years of different models with the water ways I personally fish I would tend to go to a V hull if I did it again. Yes the gullwing is the most stable but with Sydney Harbour chop the gullwings slap when jumping waves.

Size is everything when negotiating wake and chop. The longer the boat the less it falls between waves. Even moving from a 19ft to 20ft the ride difference is chalk and cheese.

Max power is very important with them to. In chop the more speed you run the softer the ride to a point.


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