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Questions About Yowie Bay


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Hey Dylanfh,

Plenty of people fish off there, but I've only really seen them "fishing" rather than 'catching' and I beleive you are aloud (no sign not too). Gets a little busy at times with lots of boat trafiic and trailers which probably does allow you max time soaking a bait if you have pull for boats to doc.

I have actually seen a few squid hanging over near the marina side and i'm sure you'd pick up the odd breambo, whiting, flatty, blacky or even garies at times....maybe give it ago at night to ensure less boat movement.

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mate at the high tide there are alwyas schools of small bream floating around, so it would be good to give it a go. Though it does get bloody busy there on weekends, so if thats the time you are gonig to try fishing then early morning or late at night is the way to go.

Other wharfs you could try is the lilli pilli wharf near the baths. There is a good wharf at the port hacking sailing club which is further down yowie bay though i am not sure if you are allowed to fish of there, though i have seen people fishing there.

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