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Red October Comes To Clontarf


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Red October comes to Clontarf

A MYSTERIOUS red sludge that poured into Clontarf beach early yesterday morning is most likely a red algae bloom.

The soupy red liquid was initially believed to be the result of potentially toxic illegal dumping.

Manly Council is carrying out further tests but its expert is almost certain its the naturally occurring algae. It took a number of hours for the red plume to dissipate but the beach was not closed.

It was not until late afternoon that it was revealed to be algae.

Earlier in the day, nearby resident Sue Stratton, who took the above picture, said it was alarming that the beach was left open.

“If it is paint it could well be toxic and kids were swimming in it,” she said.

Manly Council general manger Henry Wong said after the sludge was reported to the council, his staff tried to discouraged people from swimming in the affected area. However, the council’s environmental experts felt it was not necessary to close the whole beach.

It was also considering prosecution if an illegal dumper had be found.

Mr Wong said while it is most likely natural, people need to be aware of what effect dumping has on the environment and they can face fines of up to $1 million.


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