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Bream On Banana Bread?


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Hey Raiders,

Took my 7 yo son "Jayden" down to a local Sydney harbour wharf spot for some sunny spring fishing yesterday.

Grab a bag of pillies for the fish and a coffee and banana bread for my morning tea.

Whilst i rigged up the bigger rods with ganged pillies my lil guy chucked a hand line in for some live bait as we both itch to hook up a Kingie this spring.

All was quiet at this point and Jayden was feeling lousy cuz it looked like there was no livies around at all.

Out of boredom and for kicks he decided to chuck the lil pieces of my left over banana bread in for burley.

Well much to our surprise it worked and we soon had massive schools of garfish and bream smashing the top of the water for the banana bread. :thumbup:

My son managed to hook very nice bream (just over legal size) with his hand line (no lead and using a tear shaped chunk of banana bread)

5 mins later he had three more bream landed (these just under legal size).

He is was one happy camper. :biggrin2:

Jayden is now nicknamed "Banana Bread Bream Boy" He he he

We both are planning to go back out again today (via the local cafe!!!) :074:

Hopefully it the low pressure system will hold up long enough today before predicted thunderstorms roll in.

I hear stories from people all the time about how they have used a range of foods to get the bream but i just figured they were telling fibs. (boy was i wrong)

Thanks All,

Stay Safe

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I remember fishing as a young punk at the Enterance and taking a few very nice looking bream on red Snakes Alive. It was my worm imitation!!!! Also got a few good fish on Lolly Bobble Bliss Bombs for those people old enough to remember them. Anyone who can't, think candy popcorn.

Apologies for the product recognition if we are not sponsored by Allens!!!

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I witnessed a nice bream taken on an old dominos pizza pepperoini slice once at Balmain while we worked on a water side property! I've also seen them at darling harbour by the hundreds hitting the surface at anything that hits the water, like ols food, even spit! Awsome to watch.

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