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Hawksnest And Tea Gardens


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Hi Raiders

I am going with wife and kids and boat to tea gardens and was wondering if anyone knew what fishing are running up there and approximate locations, with no secret spots, would be good.



Its not about catching fish, but it helps

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Hi Dhutchy, I've been up that way a few times over the years, there is a boat ramp just next to the Singing Bridge, you could put in there and follow the river all the way up to Myall Lakes, or go the other way and it will wind its way through to Port Stephens via the Hawks Nest Township. There are heaps of fishy bits in the river I'm sure you will be able to pick out some likely sand flats and drop offs.

The beach at Hawks Nest also provided us with some great whiting and bream on beach worms...

Just a little bit of info, I'm sure there is someone out there with more knowledge of the area than me that can help out as well, every little bit helps..



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