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Funny Day On The Water!


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hey all! went for a fish outwide in the tinny the other day 3km.

a couple of nice pinkies 35 and 40 cm big tarwhine and jackets and out of the blue a pod of humpbacks

appeared beside us and i nearly met neptune himself.......glad they didnt pop up under us

i finally relaxed and got fishing again and a mate talked about flying fish and how strange these

confused birds were bit more fishing and punched back in to beat the storm and out of the blue

doing twenty knots one was on the starboard side and took a sudden 90 and flew twenty metres

and disappeared :074::yahoo: we all went nuts laughed our guts out high fives and agreed that

could never happen again!

funny day on the water indeed!


P.S. gonna get me some scratchies and lotto tiks!

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