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Botany Bay 25.10.08


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Went out with Dad this morning

wanted to try my new vx 40 blade

rounded the breakwall and headed to the area where they are building the pump station

you know that thing at Kyeemah ?

Dad says, "there will be no bloody fish here with all this work going on "

put on a turtle back worm and second cast I have a nice bream in the boat , HA !

now that I've got my confidance I grab my other light rod with the blade

1st cast ,get the feel of the action , second cast , I like the vibe

3rd cast


hold on while line is peeling off my 3 pound outfit at a rate of Knots

this is fun , looking at a rapidly decreasing spool I start the electric and begin chase

start gaining line back and this is a good fish , then the bugger starts heading for the shore

gunna beach itself ?

then it turns around again and strips some more line , fair dinkum

finally get it near the boat and see a flash of silver , Trevor , nice Trevor

but it doesn't like the look of the the boat and it's off again

after about 10 minutes or so we finally get him in the net

all went quiet for a while and I switched back to a gulp worm

got a nice 35 cm Flounder and a 42 cm flattie

then we called it quits as the jetski's and water skiers were everywhere

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Good to see you giving the blades a go, Rob. They will produce a lot of fish for you in the future! That trev would have been great fun on the light gear. I saw several flatties over 70cm today (all in very shallow water), and I reckon they will be a good chance on the Turtlebacks and light jig heads in the weeks to come.



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The trev's have to be one of the best fighting fish pound for pound around.Is this the first one you've caught in the bay or are they a regular catch,


just my first on a blade mate

they are a regular catch in the Bay

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