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I am just about to fork out $7K on a new tinnie and engine combo.

so far the Stessco 395 Bass V nose punt is looking good with a 30HP Suzuki. But I have read some of your post on the welding. Not being very handy how do I tell if the welding is good or not.

By the way of you want a good laugh I will make sure that I let you all know when and where I am launching the boat for the first time.



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Good on Ya.

A good dealer will take you down to the ramp and show you the ropes especially if they know you are new to it all. You pick up so much from guys that make it look so easy.

Always go with someone experienced and let them keep an eye out for you till you get used to it. Watch a few others and don't do your first time when a ramp is really busy. Wouldn't think there is a member on here who hasn't done something stupid and repeated it a few times at a ramp so don't be to worried. Ask for help if you need it at the ramp as there are still a few decent boaties out there.

May sound crazy but with our bigger boat we still have checklist that all the family members who use it tick off at start and end of day to make sure it is always left the same and the important bits like batteries , oil levels safety gear and bilge pumps are all servicable.

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As the above post says, we all have done funny things at boat ramps. I remember the first time that I launched a boat. It was on an early Saturday morning at the boat ramp at Mooney Mooney. It was like peak hour. It took me a few attempts to get it right, but the people there were patient, and some helped with advice. When you launch, go when it is a quiet time so you can practice without the pressure.

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Thanks Pelican.... wise words and I will hit the dealer up to take me out the first time. I will also make a check list. My father in law does the same with his boat...when its working. He bought a very old half cabin with a very old engine. Which is why I am buying a brand new tinnie. No hassles (hopefully) and will work up to the half cabin when feeling a little more experienced.


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Paddy there all right, I also remember when I bought my first boat with a mate and we got it of the trailer fine.

BUT whilemy mate was looking at me parking the car he was holding the boat by the nose.

When I got back I looked at himand said why is the boat full of water and why arnt you looking at the bloody boat and not me?????


Thank god the boat wasnt completely full and managed to dive in and put the bung in and let the bilge do the rest.... :biggrin2:

Belive me, I havent dne it again.

If you want to take your boat out for the first time in Gladesville or Tunks Park and would like help PM me and Ill bring my boat out as well.

Dont worry you will get used to it. :thumbup:

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Thanks Stucatz!

Mate I have witnessed a "bung"el before and it wasn't pretty!

I am in the inner-west too so I amy well call on you on one of my first harbour cruisers!

Thanks mate.


No problem mate should be a scream, well I hope the drags will be screaming at least anyway :thumbup:

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Everyone has a few "inicidents " their first time at the ramp. Mine was figuring how to get the electric winch to "let go" of the boat!!!

Here is my "list" :

Stop car and apply handbrake.

Walk around boat , undo and remove tiedown strap ( its hellishly difficult to launch boat when still attached to trailer!).

Turn battery switch on.

Put bungs in .

Raise motor and release travelling lock.

Lower motor a bit so that water inlet will be submerged when launching.

Untie bow rope , and leave in a handy position.

Reverse slowly into water.

Release winch cable , release safety chain.

Gently push boat into water , grab hold of bow rope and tie off to wharf ( or hop into boat and beach ).

Drive off and park car.


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