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Help Squidding In The Rain


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Can anyone tell me if you have to change strategy when squidding in the rain. Have a couple of days off coming up and Mr Weather looks like rain , rain and more rain.

What's the strategy to get squiddies in the rain? Do I need to do anything different?

Thanks in advance


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I'd be quite interested in this topic too.

We have tried it and just kept on as we normally would but ended up bailing back to the spit and hiding under the bridge as our boat has no cover and haven't managed any squid in the rain.

Maybe they sit a bit deeper...not sure.

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g'day Pelican,

Squid hate any kind of discolouration/taint in the water. After rain the first thing you'll notice in a lot of spots is that the water gets cloudy... Really really hard to find any squid in those conditions. The best tactic is to move around and find clean water again. Fishing in the top half of a rising tide will help but also head to spots closer to or outside the mouth of the harbour. Anywhere you can find clean water.

Cheers, Slinky

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