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Keeping Fish After Catch


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Hi everyone I was just wondering how you all kept fish after catching them.. not including esky's.

I am going fishing up some creeks around armidale and will not have an esky as we will be walking.

You could make a small ice slurry in a bucket but that could be, too much to carry if you're walking a fair way.

Possibly use a catch net and tie it to a tree/rock or something, up to you whether or not you bleed the fish in it but it could cause some unwanted attention from other things. Probably better to kill the fish though so it doesn't become stressed in the net, and not taste as good when you eat it.


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Foil lots of it , plastic bag and the plastic sealed freezer block or frozen water in small 300ml bottles is the lightest combination we have used. Some camping stores or bottle shops have the foil bags with bubble wrap inbetween 2 layers of foil and they add good insulation but you still need freezer block / bottle wrapped in foil ob the way in.. Air in the bubble wrap is a great insulator to stop cold getting out and heat getting in. You can always drink the water or tip it out whe walking back to lighten the load.

We used to take matches and a small plate and fork!!!!!! Yummmmmm Having fish in backpacks even on ice always seem to get damaged and we never had room for a hard tuppaware container or something big enough for whole fish

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