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Rain And Fishing?


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i've caught fish in the rain and windy conditions. although i've only been able to do it on the rocks facing the ocean and the mouths of bays. haven't caught anything in estuaries.

the reason ppl say they don't catch fish in the rain is because they're not out there in the first place!

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Fishing can be great in the rain,ive done pretty well while being out there while its pouring.But its wether you

can handle being wet,cold & miserable for a few hours while trying to catch yourself a few fish.Myself,i dont

usually go out if i get up & its pouring outside but if the rain come's while im out there i stick it out & wait as

the bite can be pretty hot.

I have fished in botany bay for bream & jewies most of my life,one thing you can be sure of is that after a few days or a week of heavy rains,the fishing is dynamite & i make sure that i get myself straight out there

once the weather clears up a bit.

But wether its a clear bright day or wet & miserable,im pretty sure that i can go out & catch a dozen bream,

plus a few flatties & whiting,the weather doesn't make any difference to me.

More important things to look at are the tide's,good fresh bait,plus using the lightest tackle & rigs that you can,that's what will catch you more & better quality fish.

Cheers mate


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Some of my most memorable fishing trips have been had in some pretty lousy weather :biggrin2:

Have a look at these two reports:

Bassin' in the Rain

Brad/Vicki in the snow

I think it all depends on your proposed location (beach,lake,estuary,outside,etc), and your motivation level to leave the comfort of home :biggrin2: It's probably more important to pay attention to barometer, water temp and tidal movement. When the fishing is hot, you don't care how wet you are, but when it is unproductive, you soon realise you don't particularly enjoy that 'water trickling down the back of your strides' feeling :074:



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More rain the better, all the runoff flushes the system, this means that there is an extra food source for Whiting and bream, add to that the Bream arent as cautious due to the murky water. The best fishing i have done is after heavy rain when the water is brown as.

I havent caught a King or Jew in the murky water but in saying that i have caught very few of either species.

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In the rain you get all spots to your self, I have great results with jews in the rain.I think the jews feel safer and become more active in feeding and will feed in shallow water under the cover of rain.

Cheers Jewieslayer :1fishing1:

I could agree more Jewieslayer some of my best catches have been when no one else is keen or stupid enough to go out in the rain. If your in a boat and can get under a canopy and stay relatively dry it can be fantastic - bream will bite in rather shallow water on a rainy day also. I love it!!


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