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tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

Im heading to Killcare for the weekend and wanted to ask your advice on the best fishing spots.

I hope to fish tomorrow (Sat) night and thought I'd fish the eastern side of Putty Beach at the end of Putty Beach Dr. (on the right hand side of the map about perpendicular to the point). Im taking the jewie gear and maybe a smaller setup.

Have any Raiders had any luck there? Are there better spots? Not asking for anyone secret spots just a general idea of the area as I have never been up there before.

Thanks in advance



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Tan I had been fishing that beach for over 35 years with family and friends and I have seen many jewfish being caught there through the years by family and friends but not me unfortunately :mad3: . The last time I did go there was with my sons about 5 years ago and it was a saturday night and I could not believe the amount of people that were there, all you could see was a line of starlights from one end of putty heading midway through to killcare. Now if you're catching tailor that is ok but you would not want to catch a jewfish with all those people there cause you will not be able to beach that fish without getting tangled and ultimately being cut off. So I wish you luck, the best spot we had was as you are walking towards the beach from the carpark go towards you're right a couple of hundred metres. Best time is on the run out tide last three hours is peak. Good luck and I hope there won't be too many people there for you


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Gday Dorado and thanks for your reply.

I also hope there arent too many people around but it there for all to share!

When you say "walking towards the beach from the carpark" - which carpark? there is one on the left of map - looks like main carpark - and also a smaller one one the right of map.

Thanks again.


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