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Thank You To Huey


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Hi Guys

I would like to publicise the very professional and intelligent response I have received from Huey (Craig) with the quotation on the Stacer boat package. :1clap:

There is light years of difference between the service which Huey offers and the unnamed dealer at xxxxx who went out of their way to burn a customer not only with their pricing but in also talking down a trade in.

I now need to think about whether I sell my boat privately and downsize to the Stacer from Huett Marine or keep the current boat (525 Stacer / 90 hp Etec which I love) and examine storage options separate to the garage on the Town house at Batemans Bay.

I can recommend in the strongest possible terms that if anyone is looking to buy a boat or motor etc that they should contact Huey first.

regards and thanks Huey - its pleasing to be able to recognise profesionals in the Marine Industry


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