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Im after a new Combo for the summer mainly used for targeting, Jews, flatties and smaller Pelagics on plastics.

Currently i own reels in the following sizes, 1000, 1500 and 4000. Now what should the next one be?

I have looked at the 2500 sizes and that seems about right for the job. Id most likely spool it up with 12lb Braid i think...

Now the two reels i have been looking at the Shimano stradic and the Diawa Tierra. Alot of people say that Diawa are the go in the smaller sizes and Shimano are the go in the bigger sizes. Now which one should i get considering they are in the same price range.

And i don't want this to turn into another one of the 'Shimano V Daiwa' Threads.

What im looking for is, the quality of the reel, drag, weight, the way the reel lays line on the spool and how resistant they are to corrosion.

Thanks alot.

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If you plan on ever throwing chromies at pelagics, get yourself a fast reel such as a Stradic. If its plastics only, go the Daiwa. I own several small Daiwa's and throwing chromies at speedsters is a painful experience :074: .



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I can definitely relate to what Red is saying.

Most of the small Daiwa's have a medium retrive rate usually 4.7:1 which is a pain in the ass when you're trying to wind in the slack line after cast when ripping lures back in for pelagics.

Stradics have a higher gear ratio i believe and would suit this task better imo.


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I bought an outfit of similar size lately for plastic use only though,and probably a step down in $$. Consider the weight as well, a few grams in weight will make a difference after 5 or 10 hours waving it around. Can a 2000/2500 reel take the drag for 12 pound if you run it at 50-60%??

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hi RPL,

mate, u seriously need a certate for built quality, durability and performance. I have mine for 2 and a half years and i fish in the salt. I've never serviced the reel and my maintenance job is sloppy, yet the reel is almost as smooth as the day i bought it, well of course under some load u'l' feel a bit of wear and tear. But that is the most robust reel i've ever had, not even the dearer reel such as steez is as tough.


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For the dollars and the size you are after. I would prob also go for the Stradic, either a second hand or a new one. they are good reliable reels. This is not a bias opinion as I am a Daiwa user but have a 2500 Stradic for pretty much the same purpose as you are going to use it for. Smooth reliable and a good warranty.

Good luck


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Ah ok Im leaning toward the Tierra but will consider all advice, i think there are less reviews on the tierra mainly because they havent been around for as long. Anyway its good Red let me know he sold the reel after i had sent all those PM's

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