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Does Anyone Own A Makocraft/


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Hey fisho's,

I have been lucky enough to be a a position now where I can upgrade my Quinne Dory WB and I really like the look of the Makocraft 5.6 CC. I understand they are essentially a Stessl, but would love to hear from some owners if possible on build quality and stability at rest. Plus any other info you would like to through in. It seems a bit hard to get a ride in one around here (Newcastle) at the moment, so an help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Matt, I had the chance to run one a few months ago. PM me if you would like my thoughts, this is not really the right place. What I will say is they are made by the Stessl family after the Stessl brand went though some troubles and were shut down and restarted by another company under the Stessl name.

As you say if you find it hard to view and water test one than that in my opinion speaks volumes for what the industry thinks of them and I thought there was a dealer up your way, doesn't he have any in stock so you can view and water test?

I wish you all the best and if you like the boat and trust the dealer than that is the most important thing, not what other people like me say.



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