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Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Having real trouble casting my new alphas. Any tips on beginner baitcaster casting would be appreciated. Rod is light /med 6'4" and using 10lb mono till my technique improves.

would like to be able to throw 4-8gram lures acurrately for bass.

please help


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Hi Kael, Have you set up the r eel cast control properly? Once you release the thumb bar the lure should fall to the floor smoothly and once it hits the floor the spool should not keep turning, if it does tighten your cast control knob until the spool stops turning when the lure hits the ground. When you have done this you should be able to cast the lure quite aggressively without getting a birdsnest. I find it easier to start using a side casting action until I get my eye in ( so to speak ) and then progress to over head style casting. Also I use some casting plugs in various weights instead of lures, you should be able to buy them from any good tackle shop. Hope this is of some help. cheers troutboy

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Hi Kael, unfortunately I havent had the chance to fish much lately as I am preparing for a ten day camping trip to Lake Conjola. Looking forward to my first saltwater fly session. Once you have confidence in the baitcaster do yourself a favour and try some thin braid. You will be tossing light lures a mile in no time. cheers troutboy

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