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Spring Is Here


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Guest Jocool

HMMMM...Me thinks you are going to be in trouble with Darryl. You haven`t been looking after your orchids! :nono:

Do your fruit trees yield a good crop? What types do you have?

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Jocool, I have become a bit slack with my orchids. The water restrictions mean that I don''t hang out with the hose and at the same time doing inspections.

Although this will change now that I had a good look around this ''arvo. :ohyeh:

I have dwarf peach and nectarine trees, two of each.

They yield a good crop each year and they are full sized fruit as well, tennis ball size and sometimes bigger.

The size usually depends on if I break some of the blooms off before they form.

The fruit are bigger but less of when I "de-bloom."

If I leave all the blooms on to mature I get a shit load of fruit but usually only small. :thumbsup:

cheers :grogon:


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