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Hawkesbury River Yesterday


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hey everyone

hired a boat yesterday on the hawkesbury with my cousin and my dad

unfortunaley i was feeling really crook so i barely fished

we started at about 7 and went to near milsons island (not sure if thats correct first time ive bin there and i don't no the area) and we fished an oyster lease and various spots around there for most of the day. not much luck few big bites but no fish landed except for a 40cm hair tail damn had to cut the line :05:

then made our way ova to the road bridges (i think) at about 12 on the first cast my cousin was on and he pulled up a flatty put it in the bag for dinner we tried around there for about another half hour few bites no fish then moved closer to the bridge an my dad got onto a decent size flatty kept that for dinner also over the next 30mins - 1hour my cousin landed an almost legal flounder,whiting,bream all thrown bak. then at bout 330 my cousin was onto something with abit more fight then the others he pulled it up and it was a nice lil 38cm baby jewie unfortunately it wasnt legal but it was his first jewie so he was happy

after this i made a miraculous recovery :biggrin2:

and decided to wet the line i put a nice sized fresh squid on an within a few minutes bam... massive hit .... but i wasnt redy for it i forgot to loosen the drag and i lost it :mad3::ranting2::05:

pulled it in no squid put on another no action it was time to go so after 5-10 mins of no bites i put the rod in the holder and packed up when finished i pulled in my line :( no squid i must of missed a hit

ohwell gonna try this weekend or the one after

looking for a boat sooo hopefully i can get into the jews soon

sorry no pics

cheers jason

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