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Kiama Wide 9/11


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Fished Kiama Canyons on Sunday - nice weather and a few fish around. Plan was to chase a few tuna, but also see if we could raise a noah or two....

Found bait on the 30's on the way out and trolled up a few stripey's as well before blasting east. Threw the lures back in on the shelf and scored a double almost straight away - one small 'fin (only a couple of kilo's) and a half decent Albacore (around 7kgs). Trolled for around another hour for no result, but there were plenty of reports of Albacore being caught anywhere between the shelf and 300 fathoms. Some boats also reporting the odd better sized 'fin (up to 25kgs). Water was much warmer than of late - we had 21.3°C.

Set up a cube trail on the Canyon's, stripped a few baits back and set a livie out as well.

Things were pretty quiet for the first couple of hours, we started to burley pretty heavily and we eventually raised our Mr Mako. Sent out a Striped Tuna slab on 6kg which was promptly inhaled and the fish was hooked solidly. What happed next was a little unusual the fish tracked off east pretty slowly (no screaming runs) before sounding deep, (and I mean deep) we were in around 200 fathoms and had at least 300-400m of line out. Things were pretty steady for around the next 15 minutes before the line went slack. :1badmood::1badmood:

Dissapointed (thinking the hook had pulled) we wound up only to find the line had parted (above the double) very cleanly with no signs of fraying or abrasion. Perplexed we headed back to the trail and started again. :05:

Within the hour the same fish turned up (pretty amazing) and this time we repeated the process on 8kg line.... with exactly the same result. The fish tracked off slowly before sounding (deep) we were gaining line after around 10 minutes and for no particular reason the line parted... and appeared to do so exactly the same way. :1badmood::ranting2:

I'm interested to here from any Raiders who may have a solution on the lost Mako here??????

Before additional questions come rushing in... the fish was around 80kgs, the line in both cases was brand new Maxima, the drags had been tested and set (2kgs for the 6kgs and 3kgs for the 8kg outfit), where the line had broken there was no sign of damage (it appeared as though the line had been cut cleanly with a knife), it's not my knots, the fish did not perform any jumps or screaming runs, the fish in both cases sounded very deeply, when the line parted we were actually gaining line and little pressure was being applied at the time.

Any feedback or help greatly appreaciated.


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A possible reason of cause is when you burley heavy quite often bits of the burley can wrap itself around

your main line

if and as was the case for you ..... the fish (shark) is being casual and steady that bit of burley remains

attached on the line then

this can give the likes of any jackets or toads in the area the oppertunity of having a swipe at a free meal

going by.......nicking the line with the end result being as what you have just experianced

Cheers Warnie

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Gday XG,

Read your post - interesting problem - just one question - how do you know its not your knots giving way.

you're either getting bitten through the line or the knot is letting you down.

If another fish is chasing tangled bait Im sure you would see fraying or bite marks in the line.

I cant think of anything else.

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Thanks Guys, was thinking along the same lines re: Toads or Jackets. In this case we did have the baits in the boat and only put them over when the shark came up. Noted a lot of green/brown slime on the line when we wound it back on - if not burley it could have even been this the toads/jackets had a go at.



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