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What Knots For Tieing Soft Plastic Jigs?


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G'Day mate

I use the same knots as Dicko for jig heads, poppers and larger hardbodied lures (for flathead), directly to the towing point. I tie SX40s, smilin' jacks and sammy/NW pencil-type surface lure with a large loop knot. I find the loop knot helps in the 'walk the dog' method of retrieve for the sammys/NW pencils especially. If you are not a big fan of the loop knot, you can always use a reliable lure clip instead.



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Loop knot is definitly better for more action but they tend to be be weak knots in my opinion. I still prefer to use an unlocked blood knot (very strong) to keep it simple and dont worry about the slightly dimishished lure action.

If you want maximum action I would use a good split ring first then a blood knot to that.

P.S. always tie knots to split rings around the section with 2 parts of wire and it will never open under pressure.

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